Gibco media and Thermo Scientific Nunc Nunclon cell culture plastics are the proven combination for consistent cell growth

Gibco media and Thermo Scientific Nunc cell culture–treated plastics with Nunclon Delta surface are a proven combination for consistent cell growth. Every lot of Nunclon Delta surface plastics is validated with trusted Gibco media to confirm consistent cell growth across multiple cell lines. It’s a proven combination for happy cells—and happy scientists.


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Healthy cell growth requires quality plastics. Only Thermo Scientific cell culture plastics endure rigorous testing with Gibco media, including cloning efficiency tests using specially selected cell lines with high sensitivity to toxic components. It’s the perfect pairing that can mean the difference between success and starting over.

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Get to know the facts about your cell culture plastics by using our new Nunclon Delta Surface Cell Line Data tool. We've tested the most commonly used cell lines on Thermo Scientific Nunclon Delta surface side-by-side with the leading competitor to validate Nunclon Delta's place in your cell culture hood. 

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Enhance cell attachment, growth and differentiation with Thermo Scientific Nunc Cell Culture–Treated EasYFlask flasks. The ergonomic design with angled neck and wide opening allows easy access to the growth surface by pipettes or cell scrapers.

Time-tested and trusted, our Gibco cell culture media line includes products designed to support the growth and maintenance of a variety of mammalian cells and cell lines.

Switch to Nunc cell culture plastics now with our cross reference tool.

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