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Science and technology are playing an increasing role in the investigation and prosecution of crime. Technology innovation, automation, databases and good laboratory practices are essential to the pursuit of justice and are critical to the appropriate collection, assessment, and application of evidence in the criminal justice system.

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New! VeriSpray PaperSpray ion source is a faster path to MS analysis
New! VeriSpray PaperSpray ion source is a faster path to MS analysis

Get the ideal alternative to the complexity of chromatography-based solutions with the Thermo Scientific VeriSpray PaperSpray ion source, the no-LC alternative for MS analysis.

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All forensic toxicology laboratories are not created equal. Whether you need to screen and confirm known compounds, identify unknowns, or advance forensic research, we offer a solution to meet your current and future needs.

You depend on accurate analysis without exception. We offer labs reliable, cost-effective mass spectrometry based solutions to help you reveal the truth hidden in virtually any doping sample. Because when fair competition is on the line, so is your reputation. Find the Truth.

From our trusted reagents, gold-standard genetic analyzers, powerful NGS solutions, and software, to in-depth training and on-site technical assistance, and validation services, our integrated systems work together to help maximize productivity and enable success.

Our solutions support law enforcement and criminal justice efforts to deal with large quantities of seized drug evidence, to analyze and ID emerging synthetic designer drugs, and distinguish exact identity among similar drugs.

Most materials analyses require multi-dimensional analysis to provide the full picture. Using a combination of Thermo Scientific FT-IR microscopes, Nicolet FT-IR Spectrometers and induction-coupled mass spectrometers, you can enhance the probative value of your evidence.

Find peer-proven paper and ink investigation tools to assist forensic document examiners view suspicious articles regarding theft identity, forgery, counterfeiting, fraud, or uttering of a forged document.

The Thermo Scientific forensic lab LIMS solution helps ensure the reliability of your data and allows easy retrieval and submission for regulatory or legal purposes.

Multiple ways to spend less and get more

Multiple ways to spend less and get more

Trade in your current tandem LC-MS or HPLC system to address your analytical challenges while ensuring incredible savings! Upgrade your lab's capabilities and achieve your goals by obtaining a higher performing triple quadrupole mass spectrometer system.

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Illicitly manufactured fentanyl and fentanyl analogs (FAs) is becoming a major driver of opioid overdose. Learn about the advantages of using FT-Raman spectroscopy and how this complementary technique allows direct measurements through glass vials and evidence bags.

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Distinguishing isomers of fentanyl analogs using FT-Raman
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