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Together, Applied Biosystems and Invitrogen PCR products offer a direct route to achieving superior results. Arrive at any research destination with first-class PCR results from start to finish.

AmpliFly - Molecular Biology PCR Workflow

Reach any scientific destination with first-class PCR products across the workflow.

Featured workflow solutions

Learn more about the new Applied Biosystems and Invitrogen collection of high-quality instruments and reagents for the PCR workflow.

ProFlex PCR System
Platinum II Taq DNA Polymerase
MicroAmp TriFlex 3x32-Well PCR Reaction Plate and Adhesive Film
SuperScript IV One-Step RT-PCR System

Reverse transcription

Reverse transcription

Detect all RNAs, generate high yields of full-length cDNA, and reverse transcribe any type of sample RNA with fast reactions and high efficiency.



Amplify with confidence and achieve optimal results for virtually any application with quality Invitrogen PCR products.

Thermal cyclers

PCR plastics

Nucleic acid electrophoresis

Nucleic acid electrophoresis

Identify, quantify, and purify nucleic acid fragments using the Invitrogen collection of high-quality tools and reagents for DNA and RNA gel electrophoresis.

Reverse transcription


Clone with confidence using our broad portfolio of Invitrogen cloning kits, expression vectors, enzymes, competent cells, and GeneArt gene synthesis tools.


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